Who we are ? Dirgh Diamond Pvt. Ltd. is a technologically advanced firm, with more than 10 years of rich experience has adopted a set of Core Values, High Ethical Standards and Business Principles to ensure that its business is free from any malpractice.

Mr. Laxmidas B. Vekariya,Mr. Alpesh K. Bambhrolia and Mr. Navneet Suhagia who has extensive experience in diamond marking and manufacturing using traditional as well as modern methods that include robotics.

Our success is very much dependent on superb execution by our employees.

Our professionals are self starters, team players and innovators. With a healthy work environment and the best opportunities to grow professionally, Dirgh Diamond Pvt. Ltd. provides you a platform to fulfill your ambitious goals. We have our functional ERP system which helps us maintain quality check, quality control, inventory tacking, inventory control and effective resource planning.

We are committed to providing pure, Clarity, innovative high-quality diamonds at competitive prices. We have high-tech decision making tools and advanced diamond manufacturing equipment, quality check system with the purpose of producing best world class quality diamonds and have a capabilities to deliver world class products.

We do everything possible to accommodate our clients and make sure each and every client is satisfied.

Such exceptional service can only be delivered by hiring the brightest and hardest working people in the industry.