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Dirgh Diamond

Our diamonds symbolize us.

Dirgh Diamond is one of the best diamond suppliers in India. Our journey as a GIA Loose diamond supplier in India is a thru outcome of our exquisite quality of diamonds available in diverse shapes, colors, and sizes. Our longing to deliver the best is deeply inculcated in our highly skilled specialists who cut and polish the diamonds with remarkable precision.

Our products reflect integrity, trust and virtuous business ethics which are the foundation pillars of Dirgh Diamond.

We innovate to give you the best.

We are a certified diamond supplier. We, at Dirgh Diamond, manufacture diamonds most innovatively. To ensure the best planning and best outcome, we use modern technologies like Sarin, Magnus, and Helium. We use SOS Green laser for swing and for grading the diamonds, we have come up with a system called DGS. By employing such cutting-edge technology, we have managed to find a niche in the 0.30 GIA - IGI diamonds with clarity FL to I1 3EX. Our relentless transformation keeps our dream to come out on top as the most trusted and the best diamond company in India alive.

We export to numerous countries.

Our diamonds have won us some of the best associations overseas. Our premium diamonds are exported to multiple countries regularly. Our constant strive to expand our customer base internationally situates us amongst the top diamond exporters in India.


Download our smart app!

Our Dirgh Diamond app is now available on both Android and iOS devices. Now you can access our entire collection whenever and wherever you want. So visit us and become a proud customer of the best diamond company in India and one of the biggest diamond exporters in India

Always one step ahead with transparency and best price and to gain our clients’ strongest faith on diamond.

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Dirgh Diamond


Dirgh Application : This application is very nice, very customize and very easy to use calculator very useful for calculating price. So, no need to carry rapaport price list every where. Superb...

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Great customer support/service with With courteousness and attention to the customer. -Fast response. - Price reasonable.

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 Integrity Company, the perfect staff. Hope that we work together to open up the Chinese market, to achieve a mutually beneficial development and growth.

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Good quality of stones and with enthusiastic service, very satisfied, and chirag, my contact in this company is fantastic to do business with.

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Has a gemstones wholesaler, when it comes to diamonds, the large inventory and competitive prices makes Dirgh my preferred option when it comes to find the perfect stone for my customers

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It s Always Good Sound to purchase Diamonds But what it s unforgettable in our Industries of Diamond it s to Build Trust and confident relation. This is The Secret of sources and success in Diamond Industries. And with Dirgh it s big Deal that you are in this goal with Service and ability to satisfaction of your demand and your feel in your Home

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You love your job very much. You're a good salesman. I like it when you cheer like that

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I am happy to do business with your company and you.

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Dirgh Diamond Pvt LTd is a large diamond supplier in india with branches in hong kong, shenzhen and shanghai. The goods are complete, the price is good, I' m honored to be working with their company

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Your Goods are at right price and the service is very good.

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Speedy reply and so far the information you gave me meets our requirements.

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Your Website was so easy to use, and allowed me to search for exactly what I wanted.

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We Were very pleased with dirgh diamond and would use them again in the future

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you are a very good person and very happy to do business with you

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Nice company to work with, very Co operative. Fast Growing.

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I Continue to be impressed with how dirgh diamond delivers the best quality products.

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