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Corporate social responsibility


At Dirgh Diamond, we believe in social welfare. We try to give back to the society in every possible way we can. To comply to this responsibility of ours, we engage in various activities.

Our Philosophy Towards Corporate Social Responsibility

A business can only thrive with the help of its employees, the employees who come from the common society. It is our duty to ensure that we give back to the society, especially to those who are impoverished and disadvantaged due to health and other reasons. At Dirgh Diamond, we are constantly ensuring that we do the best for the society and we are always striving to work for society as a common goal.

Dirgh Foundation

We at Dirgh Diamond Pvt Ltd have incorporated a Trust called the ”Dirgh Foundation”, where among other activities we try to solve the issues faced by the weaker section of the society. Through this foundation, we have worked with Thalassemia affected children, gave them free treatment, medicines and arranged blood for them. The Dirgh Foundation will always strive to help people who need such special assistance.

Mother Teresa Charitable Trust

Dirgh Diamond has also made significant donations to the world famous Mother Teresa Charitable Trust, which works with the weaker section of the society. Dirgh Diamond acknowledges the work that this Trust does and wishes it all the very best. We will always try to help them in their future endeavors.

Cleanliness Drives

Dirgh Diamond organizes regular cleanliness drives to ensure that the environment is secure from diseases and people live in healthy conditions. This is in line with the Government of India’s ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan’ which is a way to ensure clean and healthy environment.