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14/04/2018   /diamond trends

There are many factors that go into the beauty and price tag of a diamond. Everyone’s heard about the 4Cs of diamond buying: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. But when it comes to fancy coloured diamonds, these rules are thrown out the door.

In fact, the general determination of worth in coloured diamonds is quite the opposite of white diamonds. While with white, lack of colour equals maximum brilliance and shine, with fancy diamonds the depth of colour is the determining factor. When it comes to pricing, Fancy colour diamonds are more valuable than white. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. Colour diamonds with a weaker hue may be worth less than a smaller white flawless diamond. Also, the more common colours in fancy diamonds, such as yellow and brown, tend to be less valuable than rarer colours. Until recently, brown diamonds were not deemed “worthy” of jewellery, and were mostly used in other industries. Today, brown diamonds renamed and rebranded as ‘chocolate diamonds’, are increasing in popularity. Fancy colours offer a level of uniqueness that white diamonds just can’t match. With coloured diamonds, the wearer can truly express her individuality and style. The colour also hides inclusions better, so while a white stone with inclusions loses value, a coloured one will not. And as the color is permanent, the inclusions can remain hidden through the entire life of the diamond. Finally, fashion and trends make a difference to a diamond’s value. While traditional white diamonds will always remain popular, coloured diamonds are currently in vogue. And in fact, two of the most famous diamonds in the world are coloured diamonds; the yellow Tiffany Diamond and the brilliant blue Hope Diamond.

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