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Diamond Company in India

19/06/2018   /

The Dirgh Diamond Company in India has worked with thousands of happy customers in India & worldwide, Dirgh Diamond Company In India also offering rough diamonds, polished diamonds, wholesale diamonds cut safe and friendly way in India. As we all know that the Indian Diamond company market is more than Rs. 70,000 crores and is one of the fastest growing Diamond Markets in the world. And we take great pride in saying that India is the largest diamond cutting and polishing center in the World. There are many diamond companies in the India & world and a few who master the art with quality and precision. One such name in this industry that has managed to gain a reputation of its own in the market is “Dirgh Diamond”, an end to end polished diamond manufacturer company in India. The stone of which was laid 12 years ago and since then there is no looking back. They are specialists in certified/non-certified loose and fancy colored diamonds. Dirgh Diamond is also keeping abreast with the latest technological advancements in addition to coping up with the demands and always bringing something new to the diamond industry. They work with the latest technology and machinery to ensure that the production from rough diamonds to certified polished diamonds is done with utmost professionalism; care to make masterpieces from simple rough diamonds. Dirgh Diamond – the best in India as diamond company and the world for Fancy Color Diamonds. Fancy colored diamonds are the latest trend nowadays. A colored diamond gives a much better look and appeal than a regular diamond. At Dirgh Diamond, one can get fancy colored diamonds at an affordable price and of great quality. Their mission is to satisfy the customers in every possible way and at the same time cares for their employees. .The main USP of Dirgh Diamonds, the main strength lies in their workforce through which they have been able to develop a strong bond with their customers, the ability to respond to customers in real time and meet the demands of the ever growing market. The best part, you can access live inventory of Dirgh Diamonds through their website and mobile app, which is quite rare. Very truly said, “A diamond are a girls’s best friend”. At Dirgh Diamonds, each diamond is created artistically with designs that shine like stars on a starry night. • India is major country for exporting cutting and polishing of rough diamond. Diamond trade and industry in India consists of import of rough diamond. • Contributes more than 85% of Diamonds trading in India. India is the world’s largest cutting and polishing centre for diamonds. India is the major centre for cutting, polishing and processing of rough diamonds. India ranks first with 16.7 % market share in total export of diamond. • India exports more than 90% of total & imported rough diamond the world’s diamonds. • India is the world's third largest diamond consumer with 8% market share.

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