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Diamond Manufacturers in Mumbai

19/06/2018   /

Dirgh Diamond a diamond manufacturer & supplier company In Mumbai. Dirgh Diamond is one of the best leading diamond manufacturers of polished diamonds in Mumbai & the world wide and also one of the largest suppliers and exporter of diamonds. Mumbai, the largest diamond trading hub in India is home to many diamond manufacturers. Mumbai, next to Surat enjoys a complete monopoly over the diamond market in India by catering to cheaper demands of cutting and polishing of diamonds. One such name in this industry that has managed to gain a reputation of its own in the market is “Dirgh Diamond”, an end to end polished diamond manufacturer housed in the famous BKC, Mumbai. The stepping stone of which was laid 12 years ago and since then there is no looking back. They are specialists in certified/non-certified loose and fancy colored diamonds. Dirgh Diamond is also keeping abreast with the latest technological advancements. They work with the latest technology and machinery to ensure that the production from rough diamonds to certified polished diamonds is done with utmost professionalism, care to make masterpieces from simple rough diamonds. Dirgh Diamonds in Mumbai is keeping up with the current technological pace and the work is done in a fully automated environment to meet the client’s demands. ERP systems and automatic dialet machines, laser machines, semi diamond wheels etc to name a few Their mission is to give the customers nothing less than the best quality with all the required certifications in place. Dirgh Diamonds is constantly improving and expanding globally. To meet the demands of the ever-growing diamond market, Dirgh diamonds in Mumbai are also investing in research and development to further strengthen their processes in order to ensure efficiency, quality and improvement in production. Their trading operations were started in Mumbai from 2013. On their website one can even buy online and see the live inventory of stock. Undoubtedly, Dirgh diamonds is one of the largest manufacturers and trading company in Mumbai providing world class certified diamonds.

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