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Diamond Manufacturers in Surat

19/06/2018   /

Dirgh diamond one of leading diamond manufacturers in Surat as well as exporting diamond from Surat to worldwide with offices with many decades of experience in the diamond manufacturing trade in Surat & developed a wide range of sources of rough diamonds In Surat. Dirgh Diamond”, an end to end polished diamond manufacturer. And that is a significant advantage in enabling us to supply. DIRGH DIAMOND – THE BEST IN SURAT FOR FANCY COLOUR DIAMONDS MANUFACTURER Surat- which is also known as the diamond city is home to many diamond manufacturers. One such name in this industry that has managed to gain a reputation of its own in the market is “Dirgh Diamond”, an end to end fancy colour & rough diamond manufacturer. The stepping stone of which was laid 10 years ago and since then there is no looking back. We are specialists in Certified / Non-Certified Loose Diamonds and Fancy coloured diamonds. Dirgh Diamond is also keeping abreast with the latest technological advancements. We work with the latest technology and machinery to ensure that the production from rough diamonds to certified polished diamonds is done with utmost professionalism, care to make masterpieces from simple rough diamonds. Our mission is to become the first choice of stakeholders in diamond industry. Dirgh Diamond – the best in Surat for Fancy Colour Diamonds. Fancy coloured diamonds are the latest trend now-a-days. A coloured diamond gives a much better look and appeal than a regular diamond. At Dirgh Diamond, one can get fancy coloured diamonds at an affordable price and of great quality. The best part, you can access our live inventory through our website and mobile app. Dirgh Diamond have an attractive factory space with a capacity to plan, cut and polish over 1 Lakh carats of rough diamonds to produce 40% polished diamonds. In addition to keeping the customers happy and satisfied, we also cares about our 500+ employees. We are constantly improving and expanding globally. • India is the world’s largest cutting and polishing centre for diamonds. Surat is the major centre for cutting, polishing and processing of rough diamonds. It contributes more than 85% of Diamonds trading in Surat. • Diamond trade and industry in Surat consists of import of rough diamond, cutting and polishing of rough diamond and export of polished diamond. • Surat exports 95 per cent of total imported rough diamond the world’s diamonds.

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